Saturday, 26th November 2022 5:02:38pm



Meetings at the Pestana Grand

Organise your business meeting or conference at the Pestana Grand. The fantastic rooftop room has unbeatable views over the ocean that surrounds the island of Madeira, with natural light flowing through the large glass windows. A fresh atmosphere is created in the two rooms available at this five-star hotel that will suit any meeting or event you hold here. This inspiring location is bound to work to your advantage during brainstorming sessions and discussions.

The conference rooms at the Pestana Grand have an outside balcony that allows you to diversify the atmosphere of your reunion or meeting. For a more informal cocktail do or banquet, Madeira’s climate offers the perfect conditions to organise an outdoor event, nearly all year round.

Set out the room in all four different layouts: classroom, theatre, tables or in a u-shape. Decide what will best suit your meeting and the Pestana staff will promptly and effectively organise everything for you.